There are two distinct foundations for a successful general management consultant - broad theoretical knowledge and diverse practical experience.

Mr. Sven Tjelta's peers, clients and colleagues all acknowledge that he possesses a solid footing in both of these functions. Sven is also a firm believer in keeping up to date with the latest developments and trends in his profession.

As an entrepreneur Mr. Tjelta has owned and successfully operated businesses in the following sectors: auto collision repair, real estate, construction, health care facility, industrial electronics services, mortgage business, bio-medical technology, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings (IPOS), private placements, medical care clinics, debt counseling, marriage counseling.

Three of Mr. Tjelta's most successful start-ups were "hi-tech" electronics manufacturing, marine telecommunications and an electronic research laboratory.

In his four decades of professional management consulting, Mr. Tjelta has personally advised and consulted to all primary industries: construction, retail, agriculture (including horticulture), service, government, transportation, manufacturing and resource (forestry, mining, aquaculture).

If anyone personifies the "can do" attitude, it is Sven Tjelta, a visionary, who is not afraid of "rolling up his sleeves." His clients recognize him as sincere, committed and reliable. His colleagues acknowledge him as analytical, insightful and versatile. The business community respects him as an innovator and responsible leader.