A founding partner in the accounting firm Gunderson & Company, Bob Gunderson specialized in helping clients secure financing and start businesses. He was successful, yet left that field to become more directly involved in business himself.

In the early 1990’s Bob co-invented, patented, and marketed an innovative product for home handymen known as the WorkHorse II. The president of Home Hardware reported the WH-II, as it became known, was the company’s second most successful product in the DIY industry, second only to Black & Decker’s WorkMate.

Bob founded First Choice Distributors (FCD) to commercially exploit the WH-II technology. He negotiated a collaboration with P.T. Astra International, one of Indonesia’s three largest conglomerates, and co-designed a manufacturing plant for the product in Jakarta.

As FCD’s representative on the WH-II plant’s management team, Bob was responsible for all international delivery contracts as well as procuring product liability insurance. He obtained product approvals from WCB for BC and other Canadian provinces, from OSHA for the USA, and from similar safety agencies in Scandanavia and the UK. This required the design and implementation of rigorous testing programs and significant negotiations.

As well as his undergraduate degree in accounting, Bob has an MBA from the University of Victoria. He has lectured on accounting, business administration, law and mathematics at three different colleges. He has worked with the EU Commission, the UK Carbon Trust, various Canadian government agencies and the US Department of Energy on scientific research and experimental development projects.