Combining decades of experience with a natural flare for innovation, Bill Kitchen is a seasoned pro at designing and building electronic equipment and systems.

Signing on as an electronics technician for a major market TV station, Bill rose to the position of  Chief Technician by the age of 23.

Later he invented two products for the motion picture industry which eliminate flickering screens (sync bars) on video monitors - one product for computer screens, and the other for television screens. These systems have been used in over four hundred movies and major television commercials seen by many hundreds of millions of viewers.

Bill worked on the electrical engineering team for the design and build of an eighteen-man rescue submarine for the United States Navy.

Bill was in charge of the electrical design for an undersea communications network called the Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea, or the VENUS network.

Having the experience of running his own business, Bill is able to meet the technical needs of Empire Hydrogen during its growth phase. His contributions to Empire Hydrogen include the design and development of electronic control and safety circuits, and electro-chemical research and testing.