Andrew Evans has 30 years of experience in product commercialization. His specialties include discovering and implementing those final adjustments to a product that make it perfect for the intended customer, setting up a complete marketing program, establishing sales and distribution channels, and leading the drive to take a young company to maturity.

With Bachelor degrees in Commerce and International Business Law and the Chartered Financial Analyst professional designation, Andrew has the ability to strategically plan at the highest corporate level.

Prior to joining Empire Hydrogen, Andrew led a company in the solar industry, selling some 10,000 systems to municipal governments across North America and around the world. Previously, he headed Canada’s second largest corporate newswire, selling compliance press release services to more than 1,000 public corporations. Both of these were start up situations that became extremely successful under his leadership. Andrew started his career as a stock broker, creating sophisticated options trading programs for executives in the Calgary oil patch.

Andrew particularly enjoys working with start up situations where he can make a solid contribution to all aspects of the company, from deep involvement in R&D to establishing lean manufacturing programs to directing sales and marketing and oversight of financial responsibilities. He looks forward to adding Empire Hydrogen to his list of successful experiences.

Married for 33 years, he is a published author and avid sailor.