Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement SystemEmpire Hydrogen Unit on Friesen Truck

The Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System™ is an onboard accessory for motor vehicles and other devices with internal combustion engines, installed by a world-wide network of certified factory-trained distributors.

This amazing product will:

  • Virtually eliminate Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions from engine exhaust
  • Significantly reduce C02 and NOx emissions
  • Dramatically decrease fuel consumption
  • Increase engine torque and power

Hydroxy gas (HHO), a precise mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, is generated from water on-board the vehicle, so the system begins with a RESERVOIR of distilled water (distilled to protect the components against harmful chemical deposits). Since pure water is electrically non-conductive, potassium hydroxide (KOH) is added to serve as an electrolyte, allowing the water to conduct an electric current and separate into hydrogen and oxygen.

The electric current is provided by the Empire Hydrogen CCPWM (Constant Current Pulse Width Modulator), the heart of the Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System™. The CCPWM controls the current applied to the hydrogen generator cells, regulates the rate of hydrogen and oxygen being produced, and protects the vehicle’s alternator.

The Empire Hydrogen CCPWM is a solid-state unit with no moving parts, over-designed and ruggedly built to withstand a harsh marine environment if necessary. The modulator is completely encapsulated in a finned aluminum heat-sink, and requires no fan for cooling. It is impervious to impact, salt water, dirt, vibration, and temperature changes, and therefore is very suitable for field use in industrial applications.

Production of the hydroxy gas occurs in the precision-manufactured Empire Hydrogen HYDROXY-CAT™ ELECTROLYZER CELL which contains a matrix of stainless steel plates accurately spaced by insulating gaskets. Water containing the KOH electrolyte is fed into the cell from the reservoir. When the pulse-width modulated current is applied to the cell by the CCPWM, hydrogen accumulates at the negatively connected plates - oxygen at the positive plates. This Hydroxy Gas (2H2 + O2) is piped out of the cell and fed into the engine's air intake, where it is drawn into the cylinders with the fuel mixture.

The Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System™ is installed using high current oil-resistant electrical wire and also includes a main power fuse, a marine-grade high-current circuit breaker, a high-current control solenoid, a digital ammeter installed on the vehicle's dashboard, and an automatic safety switch operated by the engine to turn the system off when the engine is not operating.

No modification of any kind is required to the engine.