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Empire Hydrogen expands into the massive transportation market of India

Transport trucks in India

October 11, 2017 – An agreement has been signed with a major industrial equipment supplier to expand Empire Hydrogen's distribution and production into the country in most need of its benefits.

The trucking industry in India is an obvious market for the Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System, for reduction of both air pollution and the high cost of diesel fuel.

Air Pollution in New Delhi, India

Delhi's landmark India Gate, a war memorial, is seen engulfed in morning smog. (AP Photo/Manish Swarup)

Air quality is a major problem in India. In early November, 2016, New Delhi was by far the most polluted city in the world, with an off-the-chart Air Quality Index of 999. More than 5,000 schools were closed for 3 days and all construction work was stopped for a period of 5 days.

In the wake of this serious crisis, India is now taking strong action on air pollution. The Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System could make an enormous difference, cleaning up exhaust emissions and reducing the amount of fuel burned in the transportation industry.

And the cost of fuel is a major factor in the economic success of trucking companies.

There are 6 million diesel trucks operating in India and competition is fierce as fuel is expensive relative to other business costs. Trucking companies bid on daily transport assignments, and Empire Hydrogen's promised 10-20% fuel savings will provide its customers with a huge advantage.

As well, Indian business executives use luxury diesel buses for inter-city travel rather than deal with the expense and hassles of today's airports. Hundreds of thousands of these diesel buses operate around the country, manufactured by major companies such as Mercedes, Volvo, Tata and Scania.

Empire Hydrogen has arranged a one-year ramp up period after which its products will be manufactured in India to supply that market. The major component of the Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System, the electronic circuit boards, will continue to be supplied from the company's Canadian location. The agreement is contingent on sales of at least 500 units per year in India.

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Empire Hydrogen signs Dhillon Truck Repair
as Surrey Sales and Installation Centre

Empire Hydrogen Sales Centre - Dhillon Truck Repair

April 22, 2016 – After five months of in-house testing to ensure that the Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System™ meets factory performance specifications, Dhillon Truck Repair Ltd. has become Empire’s newest Sales and Installation Centre.

The large truck facility in Surrey, British Columbia, provides service and mechanical repairs for many large trucking fleets and a large number of independent owner/operators.

Dhillon Truck Repair has a 10-bay service shop with a team of Red Seal certified Truck and Transport Mechanics on staff.

The company has been testing the Empire Hydrogen system on their own trucks and owner Sukhi Dhillon is very impressed with the results.

He feels his group can sell and install “hundreds” of the fuel saving and emissions controlling units this year.

Empire Hydrogen now has three Sales and Installation Centres in the Vancouver-Lower Mainland area and one on Vancouver Island near Victoria. Plans to expand across Canada are now underway with the goal of bringing 25 more facilities on line by the end of 2016.

The Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System™ significantly increases power in internal combustion engines while reducing fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions.

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Dueck Isuzu Trucks Vancouver has joined
Empire Hydrogen as a certified Installation Centre

Dueck Truck Installation

Sr. Electronics Design Technician Bill Kitchen installed an Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System™ on a Dueck Isuzu Trucks delivery vehicle and provided installation training to Dueck technicians.

Dueck is a major Isuzu truck dealer in Western Canada and is a very welcome addition to Empire Hydrogen's Canadian distribution network.

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