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There's something fishy about Empire Hydrogen's latest installation Cermaq Venture Point Fish Farm

November 7, 2017 - An Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System has just been installed on a diesel generator at a fish farm in coastal British Columbia.

This unit, installed at the Cermaq Venture Point fish farm north of Campbell River, BC, will be used to evaluate the product for potential roll out on 40 generators stretching up the BC coast.

Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System installed at Cermaq Venture Point Fish Farm in British ColumbiaGenerators run 24 hours a day at fish farms. They are used to power and light the floating camps, pump oxygen into the pens and operate automated feeding systems. They burn a lot of diesel.

The cost of transporting fuel to these remote locations by small boat makes the Empire Hydrogen system even more important in reducing fuel consumption.

However, to maintain the pristine environment in which they operate, Cermaq has expressed special interest in how it will reduce diesel particulates, greenhouse gas and NOx emissions coming from their generators.

Empire Hydrogen’s Executive Vice President, Andrew Evans, traveled to the fish farm to train a local mechanic and oversee the first installation. It was performed by Discovery Diesel Electric, a local company that is tasked with long term maintenance on many diesel engines for logging companies and fish farms across the region.  With successful results at the fish farm we have encouraged DDE to promote the Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System to their other customers.

For more information please contact Sven Tjelta or Andrew Evans at Empire Hydrogen at 778.426.0911

Empire Hydrogen Corporate Update

Sidney, BC: March 16, 2017 - The Board of Directors of Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Evans to the position of Executive Vice President.

Andrew comes to Empire Hydrogen with 30 years of business experience, with particular success in taking start-up companies to maturity. He holds Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws degrees, along with the Chartered Financial Analyst professional designation. His specialty is high level sales and marketing in a business-to-business setting, but he is well experienced in all aspects of company operations including managing technological development, LEAN manufacturing and finance.

Andrew will be assisting Empire Hydrogen CEO Sven Tjelta with all aspects of the company's progress over the coming years.

Sven Tjelta at Norwegian Embassy Reception
Sidney, BC - March 13, 2017 - Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems CEO Sven Tjelta had the pleasure of attending a reception held by the Embassy of Norway in conjunction with the BC Tech Summit. Sven is pictured with Her Excellency Anne Kari H. Ovind, Norwegian Ambassador to Canada (left) and Mr. Stein Gudmundseth, Consul General (centre).

The country of Norway is particularly interested in Empire Hydrogen's greenhouse gas and smog reducing technology. The city of Oslo recently instituted its first one day ban on diesel trucks due to excess smog.

Empire Hydrogen Installs Units on Container Handlers

Container Handler with Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement SystemSidney, BC: February 23, 2017 - The Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System has been installed on five container handlers at the Delta Container Depot on the Fraser River in British Columbia. The Empire Hydrogen units will reduce fuel consumption, as well as greenhouse gas and diesel particulate emissions, while simultaneously increasing horsepower and engine life on container handlers owned by Harbour Link Container Services.

These five units represent Empire Hydrogen's first installations on handlers that lift 40-foot shipping container onto high stacks for storage. This equipment is in wide-spread use at ports, trucking and rail facilities all over the world.

With the large volume of diesel-powered ships, trucks and handling equipment at these ports, emissions regulations far surpass the toughest requirements of normal on-road vehicles. Empire Hydrogen is looking forward to helping Harbour Link achieve a significant reduction in exhaust emissions from these vehicles. This will form a reference for future sales to many larger port facilities.

The Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System can be installed on any large diesel truck, bus, or generator. Advanced electronics produce hydrogen and oxygen gases from distilled water. A minute volume of this mixture of H2 and O2 gases is added to the engine's air intake to the cylinders. Hydrogen burns ten times as fast as the diesel fuel mixture and acts as an accelerant in the combustion chamber, dramatically increasing the flame speed and causing the fuel to burn faster, cleaner and more completely. This results in more power with lower fuel consumption, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, less smog-producing diesel particulates and NOx, cleaner pistons and longer engine life.

For more information, please contact Sven Tjelta or Andrew Evans at Empire Hydrogen at 778.426.0911.

Empire Hydrogen Welcomes Chamber of Commerce

Sidney, BC: February 5, 2017 - Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems welcomed sixty members from the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce into our factory on January 27. The visiting crowd was divided into four groups to allow for discussions on the innovative aspects and the investment potential of the Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System.

Our Member of Parliament, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, joined the Chamber for their tour of local innovative companies for her second visit in recent months to our factory. During the visit, Ms. May spoke up that she has been in discussion with the Federal Minister of Innovation about the benefits of Empire Hydrogen technology. She also showed her desire to help us contact the Green Party leadership of the City of Oslo, Norway, about their recent decision to ban diesel trucks on high-smog days. The Empire Hydrogen system offers the perfect solution to this global problem.

Empire Hydrogen Wins "Green Business of the Year" Award

Photo - Green Business of the Year Award

Jan. 30, 2017Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems has been awarded the Vancouver Island Business Excellence “Green Business of the Year” award for 2017. This award, given by Business Examiner Magazine, recognizes Empire Hydrogen’s contribution to reducing greenhouse gasses, smog causing diesel particulates and NOx.

Over the past few months, major cities around the world have been restricting the use of smog causing diesel trucks. For example, last week the city of Oslo, Norway, instituted its first complete one‐day ban on a particularly bad winter’s day. Other cities, members of the C40 group of the world’s largest cities, have announced complete bans on diesel trucks starting in a few years.

The Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System is the perfect solution to this dilemma. Recent testing at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, “BCIT”, showed a 48% reduction in smog causing NOx and a dramatic reduction in diesel particulates. We have already initiated contact with the cities of Oslo, Toronto and Vancouver and will be working to connect with other members of the C40 over the coming months.

The Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System can be installed on any large diesel truck, bus or generator.

Advanced electronics produce hydrogen and oxygen gasses from distilled water through electrolysis. A minute amount of these H2O2 gasses flow through the engine’s air intake to the cylinders. The gasses burn ten times as fast as diesel and act as an accelerant, causing the fuel to burn faster, cleaner and more completely. This results in less fuel consumption, less greenhouse gas, dramatically less smog producing diesel particulates and NOx, more power, cleaner pistons and cleaner exhaust.

Empire Hydrogen Presents
at the World Entrepreneur Forum

Empire Hydrogen at Edison Innovation World Entrepreneur Forum

September 24, 2016 – Over 100 investors got an advance look at the latest from Empire Hydrogen at the recent Edison Innovation World Entrepreneur Forum in Victoria in mid-September. The sold-out event brought together the leading minds in business and innovation at the Bear Mountain Resort in Langford.

Angels, VCs, private investors and potential business partners got a good look at the company, examining both the latest Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System™ on display, and the exciting business opportunity, which was presented live at the event.

“The timing couldn’t have been better,” said Empire Hydrogen CEO Sven Tjelta. “Our new Offering Memorandum will be issued within a matter of days and the new production line officially opens on October 11 at the company facility in Sidney, BC.”

The Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System™ significantly increases power in internal combustion engines while reducing fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions.

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Empire Hydrogen is now officially international

Inge Myhrvold has been appointed Vice-President of Corporate Development for Europe and will be setting up overseas operations for the company in Oslo, Norway.

It's a natural fit for the company as Chairman Sven Tjelta has had major business connections in Norway for decades and has been working with representatives at the Oslo Stock Exchange to consider a listing for Empire Hydrogen.

Mr. Myhrvold has been a shareholder of Empire Hydrogen since its inception.

For further information, please contact:

Sven O. Tjelta
Chairman & C.E.O.
Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems Inc