Customer Comments

THE EQUIMENT - John Deere Power Tech 12.5-litre generator operating 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

“This generator powers one of our rock crushing plants ... typically used nine months of each year.

“Under normal operating conditions it burned 78.74 litres of diesel per hour. After the installation of the Empire Hydrogen (Fuel Enhancement System) ... the plant now consumes 63.78 litres of fuel per hour. This represents a 19.0% reduction in our fuel costs. This equates to an hourly savings of $13.47.

“Now with several months of use behind us, we are very pleased with the results. We will be installing additional Empire Hydrogen (Fuel Enhancement Systems) on other pieces of heavy equipment within our fleet.”

Greg Burns, President - Vihar Construction Ltd., Smithers, BC

THE VEHICLE - Kenworth with 15.0 litre Cummins 15X diesel engine

“We are experiencing great results with over $1,000 per month in fuel savings, plus we felt an increase in power in the truck. We are very pleased with how the installation went."

Sukhi Dhillon, President: H & R Stone Slinger Ltd., Surrey, BC

THE VEHICLE - “It’s a 1996 Ford Town Tractor, which means it’s stop-and-go all the time. It’s 350 hp, a 15 liter mechanical engine, no electronics, no sensors, no bells and whistles ...

“So before the Empire Hydrogen system was installed, that truck would consistently get 7, 7.2, 6.9 - sort of a range between 6.9 and 7.2 mpg.

“... now, I rarely get under 8 mpg, and it’s been more common to get 8.20, 8.19.

THE DRIVER - “I only have one driver. He does the same loads, he drives the same route … and he said, ‘Ron, the truck, it doesn’t seem so rough when I first start it in the morning since it got the Empire Hydrogen system on it.’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ ‘Well, I can feel it. It doesn’t feel so bumpy when it’s started up.’"

Ron Basi, Owner: Jen-Cam Transport, Sidney, BC

THE VEHICLE - 2004 Kenworth 15-litre 500hp. Cummins ISX Diesel

“We were averaging, in town, between high 3’s and 4. Sometimes we’d hit a 4 and a half, depending on traffic. Now I’m hitting 5’s.

“When the system is on you can smell it. It has a totally different smell, a sweet smell … as compared to a choking diesel smell. The truck seems to run better, smoother.

“It’ll pay for itself … no question about it. And after that, it’s basically free. All you’re adding is water.

THE DRIVERS - “The two drivers we have that use it have definitely noticed a difference. Increase in power, the truck seems to run smoother, on a cold start it doesn’t what they call, “hunt” as much. So it definitely makes a difference."

Peter Friesen, Owner - Friesen Bros. Fuels, Burnaby, BC