Who We Are




In 2009, Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems, Inc. was formed in response to universal concerns for "green" solutions to our growing global energy requirements.

After agressive research into effective technologies that would reduce the environmental impact of gas and diesel vehicles worldwide, the Company developed and brought to market an oxy-hydrogen fuel booster system that reliably both increases engine performance and substantially reduces emissions. As well as reducing the environmental impact of internal combustion engines, this technology greatly reduces fuel costs.

Recognizing the potential of this timely technology, Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems, Inc. has applied its capability in manufacturing and global marketing to bring the Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System™ to the world stage.



Core activities and tangible objectives

Empire Hydrogen researches, designs and manufactures products which both improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines and reduce their negative environmental impact on the planet. Through a network of dealers and installation centres, the company distributes products to the worldwide transportation industry.



At the end of the rainbow

Everything purchased at a retail store is, at some point, transported by truck. The worldwide motor transportation industry is truly enormous. Empire Hydrogen sees an opportunity on a global scale to provide products that save fuel and mitigate harmful exhaust emissions.



Success beyond the "bottom line"

Our company conducts business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, striving at all times to provide the most successful outcomes for our customers, employees and shareholders. Our team is committed to excellence in all endeavours.

management team & professional support

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